I-VIII One Man Show Dinner & Show Package

I-VIII One Man Show Dinner & Show Package


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About I-VIII One Man Show Dinner & Show Package

The Dinner Show Package includes preferred seating, your first non-alcoholic beverage ( coffee, tea or soda ), your garden salad, choice of any entree, tax and gratuity. With this package, you are NOT required to purchase two items inside the showroom the night of the show.
I-VIII: A One Man Show is a solo adaptation of the Star Wars saga (episodes I-VIII), imbued with actor/writer/comedian Sean Keller’s unique humor and spot-on vocal impressions. Both casual fans and diehards alike will love this R-rated spin on a galaxy far, far away.

NOT FOR CHILDREN. This show is as blue as the milk on Tatooine.

In addition to playing over 60 different Star Wars characters, Keller will be aided by self-recorded, humorous variations on the famous films’ soundtracks. There will also be original artwork projected behind him as he “travels” to dozens of alien environments. In less than 90 minutes, Keller perfectly captures the unedited feelings of nerds everywhere as he recaps and riffs his way through the Prequels, the Original Trilogy, & the first two entries of the Sequel Trilogy.

Arts-Louisville says it's, "fast, profane, and very funny...equal parts ingenuity, inspiration, and stamina. He takes the skills and energy of a stand-up comedian and places them in the service of a sustained theatrical piece that is fresh and spontaneous in every moment. Keller delivers a highly personal fan’s perspective that any other Star Wars fan will readily identify with."