Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford


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About Lavell Crawford

LaVell is one of the BEST entertainers out there. He makes any crowd laugh. He makes the SHOW. As a Host or a Headliner he owns the crowd. His 13 years of entertaining groups everywhere shows his ability to control everything and everybody in every performance from the entertainers before to the ones after him.

LaVell Crawford has had many television and movie appearances. People know him by name and face. His name is a household word. As a BET regular his face is on television almost every night. He is a CLASS ACT. His performances stand above all others in this business. It is classy and relevant to the setting. Mr. Crawford's performance at any event, like a good meal, is very filling. LaVell is full of Action. He is like the Energizer Bunny he will make you laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh - there is no stopping him when he is on a roll. His talent is endless.

As a Headliner he will hold the crowd and even pick up the show when needed. As the Host he wins the crowd after every performance, displaying the ability to take control of a crowd that is out of control. His showmanship commands respect and the audiences’ give their undivided attention when he’s on stage.

In conclusion LaVell Crawford is a real entertainer. He lets the audience feel his comedy. They always love him. After seeing LaVell Crawford perform live the words that comes to mind are "Fabulous", "Hilarious", "Enjoyable", and "Real". Real with the audience, real with his performance, and just in general. He is a real person on and off the stage and the audience feels that.