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About Laughing for a Cure

Introducing Comedienne Shinkey, an extraordinary comedic talent with an impressive resume featuring openers and features for renowned acts like Desi Banks, DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, Kelly Kellz, TK Kirkland, and Joe Torry. With a captivating style that has taken her across the country, Comedienne Shinkey has left audiences in stitches in Atlanta, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky, and throughout Ohio. Shinkey has been honing her craft for five years and finds immense joy and peace in comedy, making it her dream to entertain and support her family through laughter.

Comedienne Shinkey's performances are a rollercoaster ride of laughter, blending relatable anecdotes, sharp observations, and hilarious impressions. Shinkey’s infectious energy, quick wit, and razor-sharp delivery keep audiences engaged from start to finish. With a talent for improvisation and engaging with the crowd, Comedienne Shinkey ensures an interactive experience that leaves no moment dull.
Expect the unexpected as Shinkey fearlessly explores uncharted territories of comedy. From playful jabs at everyday mishaps to relatable stories about parenting and her unique take on life's absurdities, Shinkey’s comedic genius knows no bounds. She has the uncanny ability to transform any audience into a riotous chorus of laughter.

With an impressive lineup of past performances alongside comedy heavyweights, Comedienne Shinkey is a rising star in the comedy world. Her journey has taken her to vibrant comedy scenes across the country & makes her the epitome of comedic excellence.
Don't miss the opportunity to book Comedienne Shinkey for your professional comedy club. Prepare to be blown away by an evening of laughter, joy, and unforgettable comedic brilliance. Witness firsthand why audiences clamor for more and why Comedienne Shinkey is the go-to artist for an unforgettable comedy experience.

Karinne Turnbow:
Meet Karinne Turnbow, a comedian hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, with over 10 years of experience serving up a thought-provoking yet blue style of comedy. She has opened, hosted, and toured with comedy legends Sam Jay, Tony Roberts, Godfrey, Sherly Underwood, and Joe Torry, showcasing her versatility and skill as a performer.
Karinne fearlessly tackles taboo subjects, pushing boundaries and provoking thought with her sharp wit and keen observational skills. Karinne’s captivating stage presence and impeccable timing leave audiences in stitches, while her ability to balance humor and thoughtfulness sets her apart.
Book Karinne Turnbow for an unforgettable night of laughter, insight, and boundary-pushing comedy. Prepare to be captivated by her comedic genius as she challenges societal norms and delivers an intellectually stimulating comedy experience.